Using Feign to consume external REST API in Spring boot

Some time we need to consume external services in order to serve content to our users. In our quotes service also we can service users images for various topics as well. In order to do so i have used Pexels for fetching images. Pexels provide royalty free images. In order to consume Pexels API you […]

Creating REST API in Spring boot – Part3

Rest controller provides end point which will be consumed by end user. For creating a rest controller in spring boot we simply need to annotate the class with annotation @RestController. As of now we will define below endpoints /quotes/{page} – to fetch quotes page by page /quotes?topic={topic} -> to fetch quotes by topic or tag […]

Creating REST API in spring boot

This is a series of posts which will describe how to create a fully functional REST API using Spring boot. The application involves various use case like Consuming external rest service using fiegn client Automated Testing using Spring boot and Cucumber Code coverage using JACOCO Sonar for checking coding standard maven-release-plugin So before diving deep […]